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Imagine running a business where data storage is distributed across 20 geographically separated sites. How do you efficiently manage those sites? What happens when one site runs out of storage capacity? What if one site were hit with a disaster or flood? Surely there ought to be a centralized disaster site to protect against site outage or data loss, right? And who manages each site? Would there be an administrator at each site or traveling from site to site? If these questions give you the impression that multi-site storage management across sites can be a headache, you are right. What can you do to ease this management burden? For starters, you can use cloud storage in place of a traditional siloed storage infrastructure. Here are some of the key benefits cloud storage can deliver to simplify your multi-site infrastructure: Accessibility to an unlimited pool of ... (more)

Breaking the Storage Array Life Cycle with Cloud Storage: Part II

Part I of this series examined the typical storage array life cycle and its associated capital and administrative costs. It concluded by introducing cloud storage as a compelling alternative. This second installment elaborates on how cloud storage can break the storage array life cycle from an economic and deployment perspective, freeing organizations from the cumbersome administration and high costs of traditional storage. As mentioned in Part I, traditional data storage deployments typically require new storage array purchases every 3 to 5 years and also require the decommissi... (more)

How Cloud Solves the IT Maintenance Dilemma – Part 1

It’s only natural that most organizations split their IT budget between new technology to enhance business operations and maintenance of their existing infrastructure. Although the actual split varies across organizations, it is striking how high the typical percentage of budget allocated to IT maintenance is. According to Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2012 Spending Intentions Survey, organizations plan to spend a whopping 60-72% of IT budget maintaining existing infrastructure in 2012. Within that ESG survey group, the highest percentage represents organizations with decreasing IT... (more)

Subscribe to Enterprise Storage via the Cloud

About a dozen years ago, the storage utility model was a novel concept. The idea was that businesses could literally plug applications into enterprise storage, enabling them to outsource administration and begin paying on a monthly usage basis. While the concept was attractive, unfortunately, many of the storage service providers (SSPs) who sprouted back then couldn’t quite perfect the model. Fast forward to today. Over the past 5 years, cloud storage providers (CSPs) have successfully made the delivery of on-demand data storage to the premises a reality, with a pay-as-go model b... (more)

Five Ways Cloud Can Improve Your Business’s Top Line Growth

While IT vendors typically lead a product pitch with cost benefits, it should be no surprise that cost savings alone don’t always drive IT purchases. For many organizations, revenue growth may represent an even more compelling driver. Cloud compute and cloud storage have in many circles become synonymous with cost savings and improving an organization’s bottom line. Perhaps a lesser known aspect of the cloud is the ability to help organizations increase their top line revenues. How exactly does cloud enable you to do this? Let’s examine 5 ways below: Stand up more IT infrastruc... (more)