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If you are using or thinking about using cloud storage, you are likely familiar with service level agreements (SLAs) from cloud providers that offer guarantees around the availability of your data and sometimes the durability of your data. The numbers associated with the guarantees are often expressed in 9’s. The table below illustrates how these availability numbers translate into expected yearly downtime. Note the considerable difference in downtime between 2, 3 and 4 9’s. Availability Annual Downtime 99% 3.65 days 99.9% 8.76 hours 99.99% 52.6 min 99.999% 5.26 min 99.9999% 31.5 sec   Beyond just the numbers, an important aspect of the cloud SLA is understanding how your business is compensated if the terms are not met. Typically, a provider who does not meet the SLA will reimburse a user for the unplanned downtime. This is often in the form of a refund of the serv... (more)

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Community Cloud

Perhaps planning a cloud strategy has led you to consider public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and/or community clouds – not to mention a few “cloud-washed” derivatives that suspiciously resemble traditional IT. With so many varieties of cloud deployments to choose from, you may be a bit confused about which is right for you. A recent article in Technology Review, Cloud Computing Defined by Simson L. Garfinkel may help shed some light on the topic. Offering a clear definition of each type of cloud deployment, this article sorts through some of the confusion. As a startin... (more)

Is OpenStack a New Door to Cloud Adoption?

All the buzz surrounding OpenStack over the past few months may beg the question of whether Openstack can repeat for Cloud what Linux has done for server operating systems over the past several years. With an enthusiastic following and a compelling, if not industry-leading set of functionality, the possibilities may be boundless. This week’s announcement of the HP Cloud public beta, an OpenStack-based cloud that includes compute, object storage and a content delivery network, provides even further momentum to this open source effort. With well-known vendors such as HP, Rackspace ... (more)

How Cloud Solves the IT Maintenance Dilemma – Part 1

It’s only natural that most organizations split their IT budget between new technology to enhance business operations and maintenance of their existing infrastructure. Although the actual split varies across organizations, it is striking how high the typical percentage of budget allocated to IT maintenance is. According to Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2012 Spending Intentions Survey, organizations plan to spend a whopping 60-72% of IT budget maintaining existing infrastructure in 2012. Within that ESG survey group, the highest percentage represents organizations with decreasing IT... (more)

Here’s What NOT Using Cloud Storage Is Costing You

It’s no secret that doing nothing is often considered a safe bet. The psychology behind inaction is well understood, particularly in the case of IT — the path of least disruption is usually maintaining the status quo rather than trying something new, But once in a while, a decision of inaction can prove very costly. For instance, would you ignore leaky plumbing in your home? Barring any flooding or damage, there may not be much urgency to act — perhaps until the water bill arrives, at which point you experience a change of heart. But what if the leak preexisted before you moved ... (more)